What is a QR code, and how can it benefit your small business?

Nowadays, QR codes are everywhere. From restaurant menus and retail, to galleries and COVID track-and-trace schemes, QR codes have a multitude of functions. Big-name brands have been using QR (Quick Response) codes since their invention in 1994 by Japanese automotive company Denso Wave, who originally used the codes to track automobile parts during the manufacturing process. Since then, QR codes have been developed to hold masses of information, all in one tiny black-and-white square.

The versatility and functionality of QR codes have given them a leading spot in the marketing campaigns of an inexhaustible list of large corporation brands. Amazon, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Ikea, Chanel. Name any big brand, and they’ve most likely used the little square at one point or another.

However, over the years QR codes have become even more accessible and affordable, opening up a new realm of marketing strategies that aren’t just limited to the big names. QR codes can, and are, used by anyone and everyone!

How can your small business benefit from QR codes?

A great feature of QR codes is that they can be put pretty much anywhere. Product packaging, shop windows, magazines, emails, or even lampposts – anything to gain more scans! But what are the benefits?

#1 – Instantly share your details 

QR codes are great for sharing information super quickly. If someone asks you for details about your company, there’s no need to waste time directing them to your website, or risk them mistyping your phone number – simply ask them to scan your QR code, and they’ll be instantly taken to your social media, contact details, website, and more!

Hang on, can’t QR codes only link to one place?

That’s where Compiled comes in! Link a QR code to your Compiled profile, and it acts as a gateway to all of your online content. You don’t have to force customers towards your Facebook page – the chances are, they might not even use Facebook! Give customers the choice over where to follow/review you online, and it’ll only lead to better brand engagement (and ultimately repeat customers!). 

#2 – Reviews 

Customers are unlikely to spend time searching for where they should leave a review, meaning that your small business might miss out on tons of great feedback. 

However, by making your QR code easily accessible for customers, e.g. on product packaging, restaurant tables, digital receipts, or thank-you cards, your customers are able to leave a great review with one quick scan. Similarly, by including a range of reviewing platforms on a Compiled profile, you can give your customers the choice of where to review, increasing your ranking on a range of platforms!

#3 – Upselling your services 

QR codes are a great way to promote services that your customers might not be aware of otherwise. This way, you can inform your existing customers of new premises, new products, or new promotions! Is there a special offer starting at Christmas? Can they book parties/events at your venue? Can they buy your products/services as gifts for their friends? Let them know when they scan your QR code!

How can you create your own QR code?

Some might be put off by the idea of creating their own QR code. It looks like it could be complicated, right?

Fortunately, Compiled has you covered. With a built-in QR code generator, Compiled does all the hard work when it comes to creating your own personalised code. When scanned by a smartphone or tablet, the QR code takes the user straight to your Compiled Profile!

The feature is available for all Compiled Premium members, including an option to customise the QR code, so that it can be as unique as your small business.