How DogsOfInstagram Engage with their Community of 5 Million Followers

@DogsOfInstagram lets us in on their marketing tips, and gives us a sneak peek into what’s next for them in the pet world. 

Is there really anything better than stumbling across a puppy post on Instagram and being sucked into hours of fluffy pooch scrolling? There’s no shortage of pup posts on Instagram – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we’re in need of our daily serotonin boost (the kind that can only be satisfied by pics of our fluffy friends), @DogsOfInstagram never fails to provide. A long-standing user of Compiled, @DogsOfInstagram has been supplying the world with much-needed pet pics, reels, pet quizzes, blogs, and more, for over 10 years. With adorable daily content, and 5M+ followers, they are definitely the alpha in the global pack of ‘petstagrams’.

We spoke to Emily Bergquist, content creator and social community manager for Metamorphosis (recently acquired by Covetrus), the pet marketing agency and media publisher that manages @DogsOfInstagram. She let us in on some valuable content creation tips, as well as a sneak peek into what’s next for their brand Great Pet Care.

About Emily & Great Pet Care

Emily has been a part of the @DogsOfInstagram content team since 2020. With an academic background in English Literature, and a flair for the creative, she was drawn towards the social media and marketing industry.

I love watching products come to life”, Emily says, while emphasizing “how various trends and pop culture can be incorporated to make content seem less branded and more authentic to engage a higher reach of audience”. For Emily, the “storytelling aspect of social media” is what attracted her to a career – although her love of furry friends definitely helped!

Great Pet Care is dedicated to providing vet-approved guidance to help people navigate the exciting adventure of becoming a pet parent. Emily lets us in on some exciting news – Great Pet Care will soon be releasing an app, a development which will “help make pet parenting easier”. The Great Pet Care app will help make their professional guidance even more accessible, Emily tells us, allowing their users to “order vet medications, request vet records, contact vets, and more!”. 

Marketing strategy & useful tools for keeping engagement high

With @DogsOfInstagram’s growing social media following, and the competitive pet-content market, we asked Emily about her marketing strategies and how she manages to keep engagement high with such a large audience. She tells us that the team keeps on top of planned content by using Trello, a project management tool, and uses Compiled to easily manage their links, and so that their audience can be directed everywhere: to make charitable donations to rescue dogs, their merchandise line, and recent updates from Great Pet Care. In addition, through clicking on the Compiled profile in their bio, users can easily submit photos or videos to be featured on the page, maximising the page’s user-submitted content – it is one big community, after all!

She also tells us that it’s key to refer to the profile link (link-in-bio) in at least 3 of their weekly posts, ensuring there’s always that call-to-action back to the link. This is a great way to ensure that the @DogsOfInstagram Compiled profile is receiving plenty of visits to their donation pages, giveaways, and more!

DogsOfInstagram’s Instagram bio & Compiled link

Finally, what’s Emily’s top tip for aspiring creators?

With @DogsOfInstagram having secured a place within Instagram’s most successful pet pages, we were eager to hear Emily’s top tip for aspiring marketers and creators:

The social media world is constantly changing, so be sure to try out different trends, new features, connect with your audience by responding to comments, and reach out to your favourite content creators for collaborations!