We changed our domain name. Here’s why

Here at Compiled, we recently changed our website domain from compiled.social to cosoc.com. This decision was made following user feedback, and some research on the importance of choosing the correct domain for your website. It turns out that choosing your domain should definitely not be rushed (a bit like we possibly did, back in 2017!).

When it comes to the online identity of a brand, there are a million factors that culminate to create that strong, memorable, and successful image that sets your brand apart.

And domain names are no exception. 

Whilst often overlooked as a marketing tool, domain names are a crucial factor of a consumer’s first impression of a brand. A domain name can affect a company’s perceived credibility, online authority, and memorability. As the first thing that people see when searching for a product or company, a successful domain name can make all the difference for your brand’s image. 

So, what makes a successful domain name? 

The domain extension (or top-level domain)

As the most used extension, studies show that ‘.com’ is still the #1 most trusted top-level domain, closely followed by ‘.co’ and ‘.org’. Whilst purchasing a ‘.com’ domain can be more expensive, you create a more credible and memorable first impression for your brand by using a recognisable domain name.

Is there any genuine security benefit of having a .com domain? No, not really, but it definitely helps your credibility from a customer’s point-of-view. A full list of top-level domains and their trust-rankings can be found here.

The feedback we’ve had from Compiled users has definitely reflected the same finding – we changed from a ‘.social‘ to a ‘.com‘ top-level domain – and users now feel much happier to share Compiled links.

Short & sweet

A domain name needs to be memorable. Short and snappy will always trump lengthy and overly descriptive. The longer the domain name, the more likely it is that potential customers could mistype when trying to search for a website, which could lead them away from the intended site. This can even lead to security risks like someone else spoofing your domain.

This is particularly important when including numbers in your domain name. For example, if your company name includes a number, customers might not know if it appears in your domain name as a numeral (1) or as the word (‘one’). Overall, it’s better to choose a domain name that avoids any potential spelling confusion.

Unique, memorable, & on-brand

It may be obvious, but your domain name should always accurately reflect your brand. This can be achieved by including your brand name within your domain name, or using keywords that direct desired customers to your website. The key thing is to make sure that your domain name is unique and distinguishable from other websites, so that it can be easily located by potential customers.

Did you know?

As a Compiled user, you are able to use a custom domain name for your profile. This feature can dramatically improve your online presence. For example, by using a custom domain, your Compiled profile can appear much higher in Google search results when someone searches for your name. Ultimately, more traffic to your Compiled profile means you’ll convert more followers and customers. Often, you don’t really need a website, you just need a Compiled profile!