5 Ways to Stay Productive as a Content Creator

10 years ago, very few of us would have considered content creation as a career path. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms were, well, just that. Social media. But as we emerge from the pandemic, amidst an ever-growing technology boom, millions are taking a step back, considering their 9-to-5 office jobs and asking: “What more is out there?”

In fact, in the United States alone, over 37.8 million workers have quit their jobs  since April 2021, whilst in the UK, 2021 brought with it the highest rates of resignation since 2009. Covid-19, evolving technology, societal shifts, and various other factors, have contributed to what is now being called the “Great Resignation”. But where are the millions of unemployed individuals today? Well, they’ve joined the world of content creation.

From January through to November 2021, just under  5 million new business applications  were submitted in the United States –  an increase of 55% during the same period in 2019. Both the US and the UK continue to experience an entrepreneurial boom that brings the worldwide average to over 50 million ‘content creators’ – even though the creator industry was born a mere decade ago. 

Millions have flung themselves into the exciting and stimulating world of self-made success. With an accessible market, endless creative possibilities, and an immediate promotion to Big Boss #1 – who can blame them? But with big aspirations comes big responsibility. Whilst self-employment can allow you to become the creative, empowered, badass individual that you’ve always dreamt of, it can be hard to stay on top of the hundreds of post-it notes and endless to-do lists – and that’s okay to admit. 

So… here are 5 ways to boost your productivity so that you can sustain the creative individuality of your content. 

#1 Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking. We’ve all been there. Trapped between looming deadlines and urgent emails, trying to do everything at once can seem like the necessary route to success. But soon you’re frantically flicking through a sea of open tabs, your tasks for the day lost within a torrent of information and rapidly growing panic. 

In theory, multitasking seems like a good idea. But in reality, your brain is working twice as hard to complete half the amount of work. In fact, studies show that multitasking hampers productivity by 40%, increases stress, and even reduces your IQ.

So, close down those unnecessary tabs and prioritise two or three of your most urgent tasks to tackle first. It can be hard to give one task 100% focus, so go that one step further and turn off your email and phone notifications to free yourself from any possible distractions. Single-tasking can boost your efficiency and reduce stress levels – result!

#2 Practice self-care

There is nothing worse for productivity than dashing to your desk after 5 snoozed alarms, no breakfast, and a hasty swig of yesterday’s coffee. 

Self-care is an incredibly important factor of our health, happiness, and efficiency. In order for our brains and our bodies to work at the level that we expect from them, we need to make sure to provide the basic tools they need to survive and thrive. This means setting aside time each day to focus on yourself. 

Instead of checking emails first thing in the morning, start your day right with a proper breakfast and lots of water. Go for a walk, do a workout, or meditate; anything that helps to clear your mind before you overload it with information. 

Remember – be kind to yourself! It’s easy to be self-critical when you’re not meeting the high expectations we set for ourselves. But one of the pros of being your own boss is that you don’t need to endure the same pressure of the grinding office environment. Make a list of your achievements, pat yourself on the back, and give yourself the praise that you deserve. Don’t forget to take regular breaks throughout your working day – your brain needs time to recuperate!

self care isn t selfish signage
Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

#3 Stay organised

Content creation is a difficult task. It’s not only about publishing fresh, captivating blogs, creating snappy new videos, and keeping up with trends. Whilst these are important processes for creative entrepreneurs, arguably the most crucial element is to keep your viewers engaged and interested in your ideas. 

However, it can be hard to juggle the tasks of maintaining the image of your brand, upkeep of your social media, content publishing, and making sure that your websites are gaining enough traction for the engagement of new viewers. When it comes to content creation, organisation really is key.

Fortunately, this is where Compiled can lend a hand. Instead of working tirelessly to promote your personal website, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, and more, create a Compiled profile and let that do all the hard work. By attaching all of your social media to one accessible link, you can ensure that viewers have easy access to all of your online content. And with Compiled Premium, you can even view analytics to understand where your audience is most engaged. Work smarter, not harder. 

#4 The best kept secret of high-productivity

What if there was a way to begin your working day feeling refreshed, revitalised, and ready to grind? 

What if I told you you could do all of this without coffee, without energy drinks, and all whilst improving your health? No, it’s not sorcery. It’s as simple as a good night’s sleep. 

Sleep is crucial for your body. Research shows that proper sleep improves long-term memory, concentration, physical health and immunity, mental health, social interaction, and so much more.  Both your body and your brain need a full night’s sleep (7 – 9 hours for adults) in order to recharge and arm you with the best tools for a productive day of work. 

Here are some necessary tips to achieve a healthy night’s sleep: 

  • Avoid screens for at least 1 hour before trying to sleep. 
  • Create a regular sleeping pattern – and stick to it!
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 5 hours before bedtime. 
  • Wind down before settling down to sleep – this could include reading a book, meditating, or taking a long, relaxing bath. 
  • Make your bedroom a haven of relaxation! Use warm lights, play calming music, and try to keep it a work-free zone. 

#5 Create a productive working environment: 

“Tidy house, tidy mind.” It’s a phrase we all know well – for a good reason! Your surroundings greatly impact your productivity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your space has to be super neat and tidy at all times (although lots of clutter certainly won’t help). Instead, it’s important to maintain a working environment that inspires you to work to your best ability. 

This source of inspiration can vary massively from person to person, but some baseline ideas include: 

  • Natural light – make sure your working space has lots of sunlight or, alternatively, use warm light-bulbs instead of glaring bright light-bulbs. 
  • Plants – both pleasing to the eye and good for your health! Plants have been proven to reduce stress whilst providing you with cleaner air. 
  • Personalisation – adding character to your working space can help motivate you to want to work, and provide you with creative inspiration. 
  •  A comfortable chair – investing in a comfortable and supportive desk chair can make all the difference. No one can work productively in a chair that strains your neck and gives you back pain!