Top Tips for Making Your Compiled Profile Stand Out

Compiled is a powerful tool for linking all of your social media accounts together in one place, but it can be so much more than that! Thanks to the customisation on our platform, your Compiled page can act as an extension of your brand, catching eyes and drawing new people to your profiles or business. Here are some top tips on how you can use our features to make your Compiled profile stand out…

  • Keep it consistent! By utilising the same colour schemes, similar fonts and imagery to your existing social media profiles, you’re ensuring that people can easily follow your brand across different platforms. If your logo and website primarily use dark greens and then your Compiled profile uses bright pink buttons and text, people may get confused or even lose trust in your brand!
  • Use your profile as a secondary feed. Compiled offers the ability for our users to share their latest social media posts directly on their profile. Regularly updating this means that users get to see a snippet of the content you share before they even visit your individual profiles! This encourages engagement before a user actually knows much about you, getting them involved from the get-go. As Compiled supports over 400 social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, you can share posts from almost anywhere directly to your profile.
  • GIF it a go! GIFs are everywhere these days, crowding comment sections on Facebook, replies on Twitter and group chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord and more. Compiled allows users to share their favourite GIFs as profile pictures or backgrounds, adding some movement to your page and catching other users’ eyes. We wouldn’t recommend using anything too lively for your background, though, as you may distract users or make it hard for them to focus.
  • Make your content meaningful. Whilst it can be tempting to fill your profile with every bit of information you might have about your brand, doing so might make it look cluttered and messy. This can make it difficult for users to navigate your profile and work out what it is you actually do. Streamline your content and make sure your most important links are the first things visible on your page!
  • Stay up to date. Don’t let your profile stagnate by leaving the same links there for months at a time. Keep things looking fresh with a spring clean every month or so. Change up your links, add some new icons, swap some images around and see how the changes affect things. Compiled offers built-in analytics, as well as the functionality to add Google Analytics (Premium accounts only), giving you in-depth statistics on how your various page designs are performing!

To sum up, there are plenty of ways to keep your profile looking exciting and fresh! Experiment with our many customisation options to change almost anything about your page. If you enjoy tweaking your Compiled profile, our Premium offering gives you more advanced features at only $5/month, and there’s even a 30 day free trial! Upgrade today and make your profile stand out from the rest.