5 Simple Tips for the Perfect Instagram Bio

Want to stand out on Instagram? Here’s 5 simple tips for the perfect bio

Tip #1: Make it obvious who you are, and the value that you bring

You’re limited to 150 characters, so think of your bio as your mini-pitch to a potential customer/follower. Make your brand values clear, and show people the value you can bring to their feed (whether it’s awesome products, useful information, aesthetic photos, or all three!). It often helps to use bullet points, or break up the text with emojis💡

An example of a clear Instagram bio

Tip #2: Include a CTA (call-to-action)

A call-to-action at the end of your bio (e.g. “Shop below!”, “Follow for updates!”, etc) encourages your audience to perform a certain action. It might already seem obvious, but statistics prove that a CTA makes a huge difference. Be creative and personalise the text you use for your CTA. People often pair their CTA with a 👇 or ⬇️ emoji to direct people to their bio link and other buttons below.

Tip #3: Make your bio link powerful

Instagram limits you to having just 1 link in your bio, so it’s important that you make it count. This can be frustrating when you need to direct your audience to multiple places outside of Instagram (e.g. an artist might want to share their Spotify and SoundCloud link too, not just their Apple Music link). The best solution to this problem is creating a Compiled profile (it’s free!), where you can put all your links in one place. You can then use your Compiled link in your Instagram profile:

Tip #4: Use On-Brand Instagram Highlights

Whenever you post a story, you can turn it into a Highlight on your Instagram profile, meaning that the story is always accessible to your audience. After you post a story, this is the button to create a Highlight:

The highlight button

You can group your stories into Highlights in any way that you’d like. If you’re a business, create Highlights for your reviews, products, or FAQs. If you’re an influencer, maybe include highlights for the locations you travel to! Here’s an example of our own highlights:

We’ve also given each our Highlights an on-brand Cover (e.g. we used a star icon for our reviews), to make it clear what each Highlight is. We recommend using a tool like Canva to create your Highlight Covers.

Tip #5: Be unique

Ultimately, your audience probably scrolls through hundreds of Instagram profiles per day. If your bio looks like everyone else’s, they might even miss it! The true value is in your own branding, and whatever you can do to catch your audience’s attention. For example if you’re selling fitness plans, don’t just use a standard call-to-action, maybe use something like “Unlock your full potential ⬇️💪” instead.