User Story: Cassie’s Kitchen

We love to write about our user’s stories, where they are now, and how they’re using Compiled to grow their online presence.

Cassie’s Kitchen is a small, family-run business that started during the COVID-19 lockdown. Natasha and Andrew sell their unique scotch egg products at events and market stalls across the north-east of England. Unlike other products, their scotch eggs are ‘made from scratch’ using ingredients exclusively from local suppliers.

The Cassie’s Kitchen stand at a recent Christmas Festival in Bishop Auckland.

The Compiled team can vouch for how delicious their products are, because we ordered some scotch eggs ourselves! They’re now offering temperature-controlled delivery across the UK.

How has Compiled helped Cassie’s Kitchen?

  • Bringing the physical into the digital It’s difficult for any business to encourage customers in the physical world to engage with them online – the customer has to clumsily search for the brand’s name across social platforms, and could even land on the wrong page. Did you spot the QR code stand on Cassie’s Kitchen’s market stall? Andrew and Natasha use a physical stand (from @prodsigns) on their stalls, with a QR code that links to their Compiled profile. From there, customers can go directly to their profiles on Facebook and Instagram, or even order a gift card from their online shop. This has made it seamless for customers, led to increased brand engagement, and exemplifies the forward-thinking and tech-savvy approach at Cassie’s Kitchen!
  • Easy-to-access allergen information It can often be incredibly difficult for customers with food allergies to have confidence in the products that they buy. Cassie’s Kitchen have been able to help and serve customers better by sharing an allergen list on their Compiled profile. With new product ranges being introduced all the time, it has made it much easier to keep the allergen list up-to-date and accessible for customers.
  • A better solution than a website Natasha and Andrew have made use of Compiled’s “custom domain” functionality to use their own web address for the profile: This means that Compiled isn’t just their online social media hub, but also serves as their on-brand website. This has saved the time and cost of building a full-scale website, while providing a full service platform for Cassie’s Kitchen online presence!

Thank you for reading about Cassie’s Kitchen, and how Compiled has helped to grow their online engagement. We’re looking forward to ordering more scotch eggs soon! If you’re interested in learning more about Compiled for your own business – please create your own profile below: