A Guide to Digital Business Cards 

In today’s fast-moving and digitalised commercial world, making meaningful and memorable connections is even more important for the future of your brand. Business cards are important for this exact reason – not only do they instantly share vital information, but they are also a great opportunity to show how unique your brand is. 

Whilst paper business cards are still very much in circulation, they come with some pretty inconvenient downsides. Lost, misplaced, or just chucked away, 88% of business cards get thrown out in less than a week (blog.adobe.com). 

Luckily, Compiled offers a sustainable, sleek, successful alternative to paper business cards – Compiled Digital Business Cards.

A digital business card can instantly share a Compiled profile through a QR code, which contains contact details, social media links, recent promotions, a newsletter signup form, and more.

Crucially, it puts the power in your potential clients hands – they can choose how best to engage with your brand.

They’re full of information, and always up-to-date 

We’ve all been there – you’ve been through a rebrand, or your website or email address format has changed. Suddenly, you’re having to print countless new business cards (and harm the environment in the process).

On the contrary, with Compiled profiles, you can update the details and branding on all profiles in just a few clicks.

Even better – you’re also not restricted by space. It sometimes feels impossible to squeeze an email address, phone number, website, address, social media links, and more onto a paper card. It also often doesn’t fit a brand’s sleek and minimalist look. It’s far more seamless to land on a Compiled profile where you can add a contact to your phone’s address book instantly – no more manually typing out ten-digit mobile numbers!

They’re eco-friendly

Paper business cards might seem harmless. Surely those recyclable little rectangles can’t be that bad for the environment, right?

Unfortunately, the carbon emission caused by paper production has devastating effects for the atmosphere – not to mention the amount of water required for paper production, and the amount of paper that ends up in landfills.

Fortunately, using a Compiled profile is a great sustainable alternative. You can forget the card all together,  and use a QR code to instantly share contact details, eliminating any unnecessary carbon emission!

It allows for ‘the right time’

Imagine – you’re at a networking event, and you’ve met a fantastic potential client – but it’s just not the right time. Unfortunately, the chance of that client holding on to your paper business card is fairly low.

However, by instantly sharing your Compiled profile, your new connection has instant access to all of your social media platforms, newsletters, LinkedIn profile, and other regular marketing content. It’s certainly not impolite to suggest that they subscribe to a quarterly newsletter for a few updates on your work. Now, that potential client is in your sales pipeline, and they’re far more likely to keep you in mind. You now have a much better chance of being able to pick things up with them at a later stage.

They’re a great talking point

Let’s face it – it’s very difficult to truly make a paper business card stand out in a sea of others.
Compiled Digital Business Cards don’t just stand out from the crowd – they instantly show that your brand is innovative, forward-thinking, and carbon-friendly.

Not only that, they often end up being a great talking point when meeting others. They act as a great segue to talk about how you’re digital-first and approach every aspect of your business in the same way – with innovation. That makes a far more memorable interaction!

They give you more insight into how they’re used

A key feature of  Compiled profiles is their analytical function. The profiles store necessary analytical data, so that this data can be reviewed at a later stage.

This feature is fantastic for businesses with large teams, making it possible to see which team members have established the most connections at a networking event, for example. It also makes it possible for the users to see how possible customers have used the information, allowing useful insight into how they have interacted with your brand. This has never been possible with paper!

Still want something tangible?

If QR codes aren’t your thing – you can always take advantage of NFC technology to instantly share a Compiled profile with any smartphone. NFC stands for Near-Field-Communication and uses the same technology as contactless payments.

With a Compiled Smart Card, you can simply tap your Smart Card on a smartphone and your Compiled profile will be immediately shared to their device. They’re not single-use like paper cards, and you can even use a sustainable material like bamboo or metal for your cards.